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契是由一群35歲及以上的在職人士所組成,願意在職場上見證神的道,在面對各樣的挑戰時,能勇於持守基督徒的價值觀。 團契聚會是在每月第二主日舉行,時間為下午一時至三時半,內容包括簡單午餐、嘉賓主題分享、組員回應討論、小組分享及祈禱。分享主題環繞神如何帶領我們在工作崗位中信靠祂、經歷祂,及行出聖經的道。希望透過團契友誼、互相栽培、學習、及事奉,經歷彼此牧養,讓團友在職場上能學傚尼希米在他的職份上盡忠於神、活出生命的見證。 There aren’t that many dedicated purchasers out there, whether they’re individuals or businesses looking to purchase property. Everywhere you look, there are people who could be interested in purchasing prefabricated Houses. They provide a workable solution for you to consider if you are seeking for a quick and uncomplicated approach to sell your property. Dealing with a house purchaser is a good option to explore if you are interested in selling your property. Customers are able to buy real estate in whatever state they want, and the interface is simple to use. Visit https://www.home-investors.net/pennsylvania/investors-that-buy-houses-macungie-pa/.